Research notes

  • Postdoc positions in cognitive science at NRL

    [Edit 2018-10-16: My lab is looking for a new postdoc interested in studying epistemic reasoning!] I’m currently seeking applicants for multiple postdoctoral positions to collaborate on ongoing initiatives, including (but not limited to): Testing a unified computational framework of reasoning [New!] Studying how people reason about epistemics, i.e., knowledge and belief Studying how people engage… Continue reading

  • Monsters for science

    Earlier this year, Abby Sussman, Danny Oppenheimer and I published a paper on latent scope biases in higher cognition. One of the fun things about writing the paper is that to prepare the materials for the experiment, we worked with Mike Lariccia, a friend who’s also a fantastic illustrator of graphic novels. Continue reading

  • Summer presentation schedule

    I’ll be giving presentations at various conferences over the summer, so I’ve provided my schedule below. Stop by if you’re around! Continue reading