Postdoc positions in cognitive science at NRL

[Edit 2018-10-16: My lab is looking for a new postdoc interested in studying epistemic reasoning!]

I’m currently seeking applicants for multiple postdoctoral positions to collaborate on ongoing initiatives, including (but not limited to):

  • Testing a unified computational framework of reasoning
  • [New!] Studying how people reason about epistemics, i.e., knowledge and belief
  • Studying how people engage in explanatory reasoning
  • Studying how people reason about time, space, and spatiotemporal relations
  • Studying how people can extract causal relations from visual input

The postdoc will develop his or her own research program in addition to working with me and Greg Trafton at the Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence at NRL’s Washington, DC headquarters. The position will involve building computational models, designing and running studies, and conducting data analysis.

The ideal candidate has (or will have) a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology, cognitive science, or computer science, with experience in higher level cognition, experimental design and data analysis, or cognitive modeling. Postdocs will be hired through the NRC Research Associateship Program. Only US citizenship or green card holders are eligible for the program.

The Intelligent Systems Section at the Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence is devoted to basic and applied research in human cognition. The lab is interdisciplinary and focuses on cognitive science, reasoning, cognitive robotics and human-robot interaction, procedural errors, spatial cognition, object recognition, memory, and categorization.

Interested applicants should contact ( for inquiries and more information.

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