Reasoning Lunches are held on Thursday mornings (EST) with members of the Reasoning Lab and the Human and Machine Intelligence Section at NRL.

Date                SpeakerInstitutionTalk title
2020-10-22Nia PetersAir Force Research LaboratoryContext-aware interruption dissemination within human-machine teaming
2020-10-08Paula Rubio-FernandezUniversity of OsloSaying too much can be efficient: Evidence from language production/comprehension studies
2020-09-24Erin M. AndersonIndiana UniversityTiming matters: Infants’ prediction updating for solids and substances
2020-08-06Doug MarkantUniversity of North Carolina CharlotteConstructing relational knowledge from experience: Active control in transitive inference
2020-07-16Gordon Briggs and Hillary HarnerNaval Research LaboratoryVisual grouping and pragmatic constraints in the generation of quantified descriptions
2020-07-02Polly O’RourkeARLIS, University of MarylandAccelerating language learning via transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation
2020-06-16Rogelio Cardona-RiveraUniversity of UtahModeling narrative intelligence to support adaptive virtual environments
2020-06-11Jeff ZemlaSyracuse UniversityCausal mechanisms increase preference for complex explanations
2020-05-28Julia WertheimUniversity of FreiburgNeurocognitive correlates of human reasoning
2020-05-08Yoed KenettThe Technion, Israel Institute of TechnologyInvestigating the complexity of creative thinking
2020-04-30Ben WrightNaval Research LaboratoryDeceptive reasoning
2020-04-15Isabel OrenesUniversidad Nacional de Educación a DistanciaNo’ effect of negation in counterfactual conditionals: Evidence from eye-tracking studies